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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Prior to our Discovery Call, we gather basic information about your operations to quickly pinpoint where Task Evader's CRM and customized solutions can benefit your business.

During the Discovery Call, we dig deeper into your workflow and find a way to integrate into your current system with minimal disruption and maximum results.

Our core focus is to generate more value for your business using our advanced tools and innovation. If we feel confident that we can deliver results and increase your sales strategy, then we present an offer to you and transform your approach.

Do You Use ChatGPT?

Yes, we are able to integrate ChatGPT and other AI-Solutions into our workflow as needed.

What Other Softwares Do You Use?

We're able to connect to most other systems provided they have an API and natively integrate with an expanding list of online platforms as well.

Do you Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, we can give you access to a template version of our CRM on a limited basis to test out the capabilities after the Discovery Call.

Popular CRM Systems are All Cheaper for 1-2 Users, Why Pay More for this CRM?

There are many CRM systems on the market that can compete with ours, but none of them can handle the level of automation that we can. This system was created because there were no solutions on the market to fill the needs of one of our first clients.

Our focus is on white glove solutions for managing & simplifying the sales process. With other CRMs, you can get an amazing platform with customer support, but you'll spend a few months figuring out what works and what doesn't.

For your convenience and to get your sales machine running smoothly and generating revenue as quickly as possible, it's worth investing in yourself and your company, as we'll also be fully invested and committed to your success and growth.

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